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Hailing from a small city of India and now conquering the whole world by their unique flavors. Chawla’s have a versatile legacy that has been embarked on the pages of the history of Indian Cuisine. After making Indians gaga about its unmatchable taste, Chawla’s is now defining the real taste of North Indian cuisine all over the world and letting know people the actual lip-smacking taste, until now Chawla’s have made their existence sound all over the world. Born in UP, brought up in Punjab – probably this is how one can sum up the Chawla’s Chicken (Chawla’s2)

It all started one day at Haldwani in 1960’s, District Nainital. Late S. Attar Singh Chawla was trying to improve upon one of his favourites recipes in the restaurants in his free time when he ended up with the one, which was to become ALL-TIME GREAT. Chawla’s2 CREAM CHICKEN was BORN to live FOREVER.

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